Thursday, June 12, 2008

On the Road again...on Saturday!

Hey Hey Hey HEY!!

I'm glad I finally got this blog thing up and going before I leave! I waited to do my listserv for Bristol the morning of my flight so I'm making progress! Not much to update with except I'm about to start packing...maybe. Leaving Saturday morning bright and early for an 11 hour drive from NC to SC to GA to AL to Mississippi to LA!! (yes all in ONE day!). Pray that I get there safely and if you get a chance, give me a buzz on the cellular!

Next stop: New Orleans! :)


Dallas said...

Hey girl!! You won't be too far from me..a few hours! How exciting. What will you be doing exactly?

Lauren said...

I'm SO SO SO excited for you!!! Make sure you add me to your listserv, and don't worry, I'll be sending some moolah your way very soon! I LOVE YOU!

-Lauren Winstead

Unknown said...

I will be kind of like a hostess for the week, making sure teams know their schedule and getting in touch with teams that want to come down. I'll be the liaison between teams and the organizations. But who knows what that really means...guess I'll let you know come next week.

Also I probably wont be having a list-serv as well. Just mention on my facebook status when I update my blog.

And thanks to everyone who is supporting me financially and prayerfully! Yall are awesome! I couldn't do this without you and God of course! :)