Saturday, June 14, 2008



I'm here guys! Well actually I'm in Covington LA which is 30 minutes outside NOLA but still its closer than before! I met some people I'll be working with but most of them will be leaving after the summer is over so that's kind of sad but I'm sure whoever God brings in next will be equally cool and amazing! The current hostess is Mary and she's really great! Turns out I'll have this week to shadow her and then shes off to the Ukraine for 2 weeks so I better take some good notes while she's here. My other staff members so far are Josh, Mark, Juan, Carin, and Alysha (well these are the ones my age). Then there's Mark (the head honcho), Deb (my boss), and Mary (another head honcho). I have a feeling many funny stories will be had with this group...mostly because in the first 15 min of hanging out Mark (not the head honcho) was quoting Bon Qui Qui!! And if you dont know who this is please youtube!

My living accommodation is well an RV, a camper! Yes I know you're jealous! Pictures will come soon! We can't flush toilet paper down the toilet nor are we allowed to go #2 in the toilet at all so yeah. And if you want to use the microwave you have to turn the A/C off. So next time you're popping popcorn, think of that nice A/C keeping you cool and comfy and think of me!

Well that's enough for now, have church tomorrow and then I'm helping Mary with her Sunday School class and welcoming teams in all day/night. One good piece of info is I don't have to get up for breakfast every morning here!! holler!! Oh and I'm going into the city on Tuesday so I'm hoping to bump into Reverend Boyd and Angela. Oh and for my NOLA team from spring break, the guys said that Rock of Ages Baptist Church (the church we worked on for everyone else) is almost done!! Can't wait to see it!

Oh and I'm gonna stop typing! MUCHO LOVE AND GOODNIGHT!

p.s. thanks for the prayers, driving went well. please continue to pray for this transition time and I can successfully take over when Mary leaves.


Jane Wiegers said...

Glad you made it. Bob and I were praying for you! We'll be checking your blog to keep up with you. Have a good week.

Whitney said...

katie my love! i'm so excited for you and your ministry in NOLA. i'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog this year & praying for you :)