Monday, April 21, 2014

The Mannings First Mission & Vision Trip

Mark and I will be headed up to New Jersey and New York starting this Wednesday April 24th and will return Saturday May 3rd to serve in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Yes two years later, there are still homeowners waiting to get back in their homes.

I'm calling this the Mannings first mission & vision trip for a number of reasons:

1) We will be serving alongside Crisis Response who is partnering with Beacon EFC of NJ and Salem EFC of Staten Island; Mark as a jobsite supervisor to the volunteer teams and I will be serving the volunteer coordinators, Jen & Kat, as their assistant and helping anyway I can.

2) This will be a cross-cultural experience for Mark and I as he's a midwest country boy and I'm a southern city girl. We're looking forward to seeing how big God is and how He is at work in these places.

3) Mark and I have decided to pursue the long term application process with ReachGlobal!  This trip up to the northeast will continue to give us vision for how Mark and I can serve as a married couple with ReachGlobal Crisis Response.

4) Mark and I will get to share with Bethlehem Church in NJ on Sunday April 27th.  Please pray for us as we share in both services, with the mission council, and with the youth group how God is at work in the ministry and in our lives.  Please pray that God would speak through us to encourage this church body of how their partnership has been vital to furthering God's Kingdom purposes.

You can stay tuned on how things are going on the blog.  If you are in the area, give us a call or email!  We'd love to see you! 

God bless yall!
Mark & Katie :)

Thank you for praying for us as we head out on this pioneer trip!  Click give if you'd like to give towards our travel expenses.  Click go if you'd like more info on how you and your church can come serve with Crisis Response.  Click newsletter to sign up for our newsletter.
Happy Resurrection Sunday from Mark & Katie Manning!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break..well that went fast!

Well we have had our two weeks of college spring break teams and I must say, that went by FAST!  Thank you to all the students who came to serve from Greenville College, Dordt College, University of Northwestern - St Paul, Southwest Baptist University, and John Brown University.  We praise God for you and we are now praying for you as you continue to grow in your walk back on campus!
Southwest Baptist and John Brown University (notice the 3 jumping in the back! haha!)

Here are some praises and prayer requests from the month of March:

Praise: Getting to work alongside some awesome students who wanted to serve God and serve the community

Prayer: For these students back at home and in school to still LIVE ON MISSION for God no matter where they are

Abbie and Sarah used to serve with their youth group now they are serving in college! Love them!
Praise: Being reunited with college students who have come before.  My girl Stacie has come every spring break since she was a freshman and now she's a senior!  They sure do grow up fast!

Prayer: For all the graduating seniors as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.  Pray for God's direction and guidance as they step out into the "real world."

Erica and Stacie have been here before!  Stacie is graduating this year! We pray our paths cross again soon!
Praise: We have two new summer interns accepted into the program!  Please welcome Andy and Jamie!!  There are also two guys Nathan and Jordan who will serve with us for part of the summer! Praise the LORD!

Prayer: For the interns who are now in the support raising phase.  Please pray that God would raise up their ministry partners!

Praise: Mark had a great time serving with the teams!  He really enjoys working alongside them, training them how to do construction, going on prayer walks, and talking with homeowners!

Mark and I with the Northwestern team!  Yeah I think we all got along great! :)
Prayer: For my Mark, as he seeks God's will for how to use his skills and gifts to serve the LORD!

Praise: For the relationships built with the students who had never been here before.  I love seeing "newbys" come and get a feel for the people of New Orleans and all that God is doing here!  They are awesome!
Greenville and Dordt colleges united after a week of serving together! Love the CommUNITY! :)

Prayer: For me!! I now need to follow up with some of these interested interns to see if God is guiding them to serve with us in the future! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! Thank you for taking the time to praise God for all He's done and all that He will do!