Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Month in Photos

 This last month has flown by!  I started off in Louisiana, spent two weeks in North Carolina, and now I'm back in Louisiana with my boyfriend Mark!

Here are some photos to best summarize my month!

My Maryland mom and dad were able to come down to New Orleans to install windows in my church's new youth community center! They are such a blessing!

I was able to have breakfast with my roommates Carla and Mariko.  Sounds simple enough but with our crazy schedules this is a special special treat!
 To celebrate Chelsea's birthday, we had a google plus hangout with Chelsea, Ronnie, Jen, Shelby, and I! We were all in different states but praise the Lord for internet to connect us!

Before I flew out, I was able to hear my friend Nina perform with her group called The Redemption Family.  They were awesome and glorified God with awesome instruments, vocals, and lyrics!

I was able to see Celine in North Carolina!  We met in New Orleans when she came down on a volunteer team.  She graduated from UNC and has recently moved to Charlotte!  It was so cool to catch up with her and pray for one another.

 I stopped in to say hi to Church at Charlotte people and bumped into two of my favorite moms!! Taffney is my friend Christie's mom and Katy is my friends Joel and Grace's mom.  I was able to have lunch with Katy and share what God is doing in our lives!  Her grandson is pictured next!!

This is Bryce!!!!! He was born July 31st to my friends Meredith and Joel!  He is ADORABLE!!

I got to pick up my niece Madison after school and enjoy some Tony's ice cream and play at a park! Thankful for this time to spend with her! She's growing up fast!

Hooray for reunions with my bestest mate!!! Allie B!!!! So thankful to God for her and so thankful we got to see each other in a state neither of us live in! God is great!

Mark and I with some buddies from camp attended the wedding of former chiefs.  It was such a blessing to meet more of Mark's friends from camp and we look forward to seeing those guys next time in NC!

Mark and I got to spend an awesome beach vacation with my family at Sunset Beach NC! It was so relaxing and we celebrated our 1 year anniversary!  God sustained us through our long distance woods style relationship! He alone deserves the glory, honor, and praise!

On our way to Louisiana, we stopped off in Camden County GA to see a pastor and his family! This family and church body has been an awesome support to myself and have adopted Mark into the family!  We were so thankful to have 2 days with them and yes now we are BOTH in LOUISIANA!!! This photo is from a park in Covington! We praise the Lord for all He's done in our lives and where He's gonna take us!