Monday, April 1, 2013

She's a part of the family now!

Katie, Katie, and Holly!
I first met Holly when she came to New Orleans on a short term mission trip in 2010.  It's funny thinking back to that week as we both know we met each other but we hardly spoke.  It wasn't until March 2012 when she returned on another team where I got to connect with Holly more.

Holly's trip in March led to another one-week trip in April then another visit in July.  Holly, like me, could not get New Orleans and Crisis Response out of her system and every time she came down she felt the Lord revealing more of Himself to her.  So when she came down again in December over winter break, we had the opportunity to get coffee.  It was this week that she felt the Lord calling her to commit to serving with us for the month of March.  Even though Holly had never left home before, she trusted the Lord with this plan and followed through! Praise God!

Holly with girls from Southwest Baptist
I had no idea how much of a blessing she would be to us as Holly increased our capacity with teams and also provided another girl around for intern Katie!  Holly's quiet spirit and serving diligently in the face of trials I know taught me TONS!  Praise Be To God for bringing her here!  Pics of Holly serving with Dordt, Southwest Baptist, and with the Katies.

The cool part of this story is that Holly had asked the Lord to reveal her next step while serving with us for the month of March.  Holly wanted to be involved in ministry in some capacity but didn't know what that would look like.  (Of course God knew!)  While being here, the opportunity of serving on our team in Staten Island, NY arose and Holly began praying about it.  Holly prayed and sought Godly counsel from friends and family and agreed to apply to serve on our Staten Island team for an extended period of time! WOOHOO! PRAISE THE LORD!!

Holly with dordt college
Holly decided back in January to put aside any fears and follow wherever the Lord leads.  She knew coming to New Orleans for the month of March would be an opportunity to serve the people of New Orleans and she'd have the chance to grow in her walk with the Lord.  Even though she had no idea that Staten Island would be her next destination she committed her plans to the Lord and allowed Him to guide her every step!

I pray that we all can follow Holly's example of obedience, trusting the Lord, and take step #1 in faith even when we don't know what step #2 is at the time. 

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be apart of Holly's life!

 (Yes Holly you are now officially apart of our Crisis Response family! Love you and miss you!)