Monday, May 27, 2013

Family Schrieber to the Rescue!

plan for the day: Baltimore to Miami to port au prince to gressier!!

God's plan for the day: Baltimore to Miami to...that's it. 

We always talk about expectations and my travel expectation for the day was not met. However, another families expectation for the day wasn't met either. The Schrieber family woke up today with one goal in mind. They were spending the day as a family moving a shed from their neighbor's house to their backyard. This involved emptying the shed, dismantling the shed, carrying the pieces across the street, and reassembling the shed. 

However around 9am, Nic receives a call from me asking if he can host my 4 Haiti interns and myself in Miami until Wednesday due to a cancelled flight. Not knowing what he was getting himself into, their whole family came in two SUVs to rescue us from the airport. 

Praise God for His plan is best!! We are enjoying the company of a family who loves The Lord and loves to host random people! And don't worry, not only did they meet their goal of shed relocating, they had 5 extra set of hands to help! 

Again I'm forever grateful for the body of Christ!  It would be easy to fixate on the fact that we all are "stuck" in Miami but The Lord is turning this "sticky" situation into a time of bonding, fellowship, fun, and service all for His glory! I praise God for the fantastic four (Andrew, Andrea, Megan, and Hannah) who have modeled adaptability, flexibility, patience, and joyful spirits throughout the whole day! 

Granted we will fall asleep tonight still in the USA and still one day away from Haiti, we are thrilled to see how God will use this for His glory and teach us about Him and each other! 
The plane blocking the runway in Haiti

The fantastic four patiently waiting for all their bags!
Working on the shed
Shed complete!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All Over the Place!

After a month of travel, I am praising God for His provision of safety and fruitful connections He gave during my travels.  After visiting six states this month, I'd like to share some of the highlights from the trips. 

Highlights from my first trip to San Antonio:
- I was able to reconnect with Ben & Emily, previous Crisis Response staffers and share life with them.
- I was blessed to reconnect with the volunteers of a church who has come to NOLA.  The youth pastor and his family have recently started a church plant in San Antonio and while I was there, they held their first service in the building God provided!  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

Highlights from my 2nd trip to the Frozen Tundra (aka Minnesota & Iowa):
- I survived driving in snow!!
- I got to enjoy a New Orleans team reunion with Dordt College!!! It was awesome!
- I attended the North Central District conference.  Out of 300 people, the one guy who sits beside me at dinner is one of the ORIGINAL volunteers right after Katrina!  The gentleman told me story after story of how God worked in those beginning days after the crisis.  As he spoke, tears came into his eyes as he shared about a homeowner they worked for and prayed with.  He said when the Louisiana pastor said they needed "men with chainsaw" he knew the Lord was talking to him!  How amazing!!

Highlights from my 3rd trip to Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas:
- Getting to road trip with my intern Katie!  The Lord allowed us to get to know each other more and share this adventure together!
- The chance to reunite with supporters who I hadn't seen in a while was a huge blessing!!
- I attended my 2011 intern Chelsea's bridal shower and couldn't be happier for her and Dustin as they begin their life together as a married couple on May 25th!
- The chance to reconnect with college students at Southwest Baptist, John Brown, and College of the Ozarks was amazing!  Thank you Lord for this next generation you are raising up of men and women after your own heart!
- Last but not least is Libby.  Libby is 10 yrs old and the daughter of a youth pastor we got to stay with on our travels.  After dinner, we all got to play wii and Katie & I are pretty competitive people.  The one thing that really stood out to me was Libby's complete humbleness and encouragement to us even when she'd win.  She didn't once rub it in our face that she had won and continued to lift us up even when the natural thing to do is gloat.  I was completely struck by her and when I asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up, she replied "missionary."  I praise God that I had the chance to meet Libby and how much she taught me about encouragement and putting others before myself. 

Huge shout out to everyone who prayed for Katie & I on our travels along with fed us and housed us.  I am continually blown away by the generosity of the Body of Christ!   Thank you for your partnership with me in furthering the Gospel wherever He calls!