Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chasing after the Wind...

The verse that sparked the title of this blog is found in Ecclesiastes 4:6 which reads:

Better one handful of tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.

The word "wind" has taken on a new memory for me as I sheltered in place during hurricane Isaac. (thank you for your prayers as we were kept safe and with power!) After the storm rolled through, seeing the effects of wind on fallen trees, ripped off roofs, driving water on's quite the invisible force of power and motion.

The verse implies you can't really "catch" wind...chasing it gets you no where. It's better to have one handful of rest and one handful of toil than double the toil. For me this is a blessing as in the world of TouchGlobal we do in a way "chase" after wind. We see a mission field created in the wake of crisis and recognize that the first physical wind can open doors for the more powerful wind, the Holy Spirit, to move in the hearts of those it sweeps across.

Another connection to the word "wind" was given by my boss at KRA's. TouchGlobal serves our ministry partners such as churches, church planters, etc as the wind in their sails.  We don't want the spotlight, we want to be the stage where they are the key players and create a platform of ministry opportunities that are made available through crisis.  We want the powerful wind of the Holy Spirit to guide us so we're not just chasing physical wind but chasing the Holy Spirit with God's purposes in mind.

So the verse...better one handful of this speaks to me is that I need to rest in the midst of toiling to focus on the greater Wind and make sure my toiling is in line with God's Kingdom purposes!  Otherwise I'm toiling for nothing...just like trying to "catch" wind.

I pray that you can find tranquility time daily to seek God's Spirit and see where He is leading and guiding you with His power and motion!

Happy Chasing :)