Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Love You More Than Life

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share this song with you! Click here for the youtube video. Great song, Great lyrics!

Artist: Dre Murray
Song: More than Life

Headed up north tomorrow (Monday)! Please pray for safety on the roads and divine appointments with students and faculty!

I love you more than life, more than life
I love you more than life, more than life
I love you more than life, more than life

My soul provider my abba my Father
You pulled me outta the dirt and made me from nada
And now I gotta put you over everything in my life
Even my wife and my momma
I'ma make your name known over the drama
I'ma give you everything inside of me, everything that I got
I dont care if its hot
I gotta be on point for the King
The holy day spring, the bright morning star, he's the reason why I sing
the reason why I rhyme with rhymes about when times will end
and we're done with this world of sin
and eternity begins, we're face to face
with our hands held high to the King of grace
Lord I'm like amazed at the life that you gave
the price that was paid, I was digging my own grave
I was almost in the hole, my heart grown cold
But You sent your only Son to restore my soul
Cuz Nobody knows the pain I kept hid in my heart on the inside
Tears down my face just to cry I felt like I wanted to die
but you came and reversed the hurt
you gave me a new birth and destroyed the curse
now I gotta a new name and I can feel the change is burning in my heart
I'ma show'em with my art
I'ma show'em with my life the love of the Christ
Jesus my LORD I love more than life!!

Jesus I love you more than Life,
More than life!

Katie :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Connecticut Invasion to College Adventure

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for your prayers for my time at home with family! It was truly a blessing to be there for my papaw's funeral and for my parents as they moved into their new home.

I was blessed to return back to the Calvary team from Maryland. I've known these guys since the fall of 2009 and they have become like family to me. Mark the mechanic even brought down an oil filter for my car because somehow he just knows when my car is due for an oil change! Thanks Mark!!

This week we have 3 returning teams from Connecticut:
1) Black Rock Congregational Church
2) Stanwich Congregational Church
3) Crossroads Church

I was able to lead an expectation training this morning with Black Rock and my main encouragement to them was to make sure they are spending daily quality time with the LORD everyday! The priority is "our relationship with God NOT what we can do for God."
Oswald says: “Don’t rejoice in your successful service for Me [God], but rejoice because of your right relationship with Me [God].”

My next College Adventure takes me to................the Southwest corner of Missouri!! YAY!! My plan is to visit John Brown University, Southwest Baptist University and College of the Ozarks next week! These were colleges that came down in March! I'm excited to see these teams and continue letting students know about opportunities for them to serve longer! I'm also hoping to visit St. Louis for the first time ever and see some churches there that have come down! Can't wait! So if you're in the area I better see YOU!

1) for the teams this week to experience God in new ways!
2) for my travels up to Missouri - I'm driving! woot woot!
3) for the internship program! There is still interest from people to come serve so please be praying for them as they fill out the application to serve and raise support to serve! May God's will be done!

Let me know how I can be praying for you!!
In Christ,
Katie :)

"Do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven" —Luke 10:20