Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everything is coming to a head!

Hi Everyone!

I was just wondering if I could throw out some prayer requests and get yall to be praying for me:

1) Ms Beatrice a lady who came to be a part of our family at Castle Rock Community Church has passed away. Please be praying for her family right now and that they would know she is with her Father in heaven and feeling no more pain. Pray that they would grow closer together as a family during this time and closer to God. That they would feel His peace that surpasses all understanding..especially when they may be asking why.

2) Ms Mike, another lady that we have helped has been in the hospital for the past 8 days and isn't doing well. Please pray for a speedy recovery from whatever is going on and that she would know that God is with her and taking care of her. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to know what is going on and how to treat her.

3) Finally finishing up the theological part of my EFCA application and wanting to get it done and all turned in by Jan 31st. Please be praying for continued motivation to see that to its completion and that whatever happens that God's will would be done in my life.

4) We have teams in this week and I'm on breakfast patrol and I just really need help with being a morning person and getting the rest I need to as my other prayer request is for my half marathon that is a week from today...please pray for God to provide me with the strength I need to complete the race and that this race is not about me at all but bringing God glory through His love and provision of strength and endurance!

5) Finished my newsletter and I want to email it out by the end of this week as well. I need to begin actively seeking financial support for my time here. God has been so awesome at providing thus far for my time here and I want to continue to rely on Him for the rest but need to do a better job of seeking those He would like for me to partner with to become a part of His work here in New Orleans.

Okay I think that is all for now...You don't have to pray for all of them, take one that's fine with me! But just pray! :)

Also PLEASE let me know how I can be praying for YOU! It's not about me telling you all about my life but you telling me about yours so we can entrust our lives to the Lord!

Have a blessed evening all! I'm going to sleep!


Katie :)